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The only thing i think needs to be worked on was Carlo's eyebrows. That is the only thing i can see wrong witht the flash. And the whole flash leading up to that one joke was hilarious.

Versucha responds:

:-D thanks. Yes, I am very fond of the concept, and I'll work on the eyebrow thing.

Thanks again for all your undying support.

Always liked this song

Liked the way you interupted it. Finally glad someone put it into a flash. Liked the robot throwing his head around and the joke of the female being the captain during the flash.

First Time

This was my first time to see a flash like this and it was awesom. Some points were slowed but it still kept me paying attention to the screen the whole time to watch it all the way through.

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Excellent choice

This was an awesom flash. A guy with a skull as an head is always cool. Atleast for me it is. And with a chainsaw. Everygame should have a chainsaw. I only like if their was a diffculty section just to make it a little bit harder.

Great Flash!

It's a 2 in 1 a tutorial and a DU. You need to change the background color. It almost made me want to join the muffin clan.

BananaBreadMuffin responds:

If you click the button that says background, then the background changes. So you know, click the link above the preloader to join!

Great Game

Thanks for creating hope to see more in the future like this game.

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Sounds pretty good to me.

Most people should check this out if they like real punk music.

I Love Susan! I use gNewSense 2.0 to power up most of my computers.

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